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For any organisation following the ITIL® route the need for an independent assessment can prove invaluable, whether to assist in supporting a business case or simply to provide a baseline as to where the organisation is starting.  Additionally the assessment can provide verification and / or recommendations as to which disciplines should be introduced or focussed on first.

The Grey Matters assessments are offered as follows:

ITIL® High-Level Assessment 

Over a relatively short period of time via a series of interviews with staff, suppliers and business representatives, together with reference to documentation and media a report detailing the maturity of the organisation is produced. A presentation is also provided back to the organisation representatives.

Full ITIL® Assessment

Reviewing in depth each of the ITIL® disciplines, involving interviews with the process owners, staff, suppliers and business representatives a complete picture is formed to the maturity of each discipline and suggesting the next steps to be taken. The assessment is expected to take several weeks to complete, depending on the complexity of the organisation, involving onsite data gathering prior to report writing and presentation.

ISO/IEC 20000 Assessment

Based upon ITIL® disciplines we are able to offer an assessment, which is beneficial to an organisation considering adopting ISO/IEC 20000, or have undertaken the necessary work in preparation for the formal ISO/IEC 20000 accreditation. The independent assessment provides the following benefits, firstly it assists to ensure nothing has been missed and secondly, the assessment helps to prepare staff as to what they can expect from the formal assessment. A report is provided to highlight areas of business process that need to be improved.

In our experience we believe that every organisation has elements of ITIL in place. We often find that organisations at the beginning the ITIL® journey need their business processes expanding and/or refining

Due to the varying size and operation of each organisation a price can only be supplied following an understanding of your business structure.



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